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Cherry Vanilla

By TMH Ownertagtagtag

Hello Everyone.

I'm sure you've noticed this status our server has had over the last few months...

I can only apologise that we haven't done a very good job of communicating things but, at this time myself and the staff team have made the decision to close the Cherry Vanilla server indefinitely.

Over the last few years, my personal circumstances have changed in that I am unable to maintain Cherry Vanilla and we had planned to close sooner.
Fortunately, in June, ENGLuke took the mantle and allowed Cherry to stay open for a while longer, which we are very grateful for.
However, due to the long-term lack of activity on the server and partially because other members of the staff team are going through busy or difficult times in real life we have made the decision to close the server.

I'm sure you understand that this is a very hard decision for us to make and we will all miss Cherry Vanilla and the amazing community that we created.
Ultimately, we feel that all good things must come to an end and we were running on borrowed time in the summer due to the lack of attention Cherry had been given.
I am going to keep the forums running for the foreseeable future and if there is ever a resurgence in Minecraft I will be there to see if we can provide a new server for future players.

Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful times we’ve all had on this server – Cherry has changed my life, and the lives of many other staff and players, for the better.

I will copy this into a forum thread for members to post below and discuss.

Thank you all again,
The Cherry Vanilla Staff Team

Welcome to Cherry Vanilla
On Cherry Vanilla, we're trying to maintain a Vanilla-Like Minecraft Experience.
We use plugins mostly to help the staff if there is ever a problem that needs fixing.
Some of them are just for fun though!

    1. Be polite and respectful to all players and staff.
    2. Racism, sexism and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
    3. Hacking, X-ray mods/texture packs, and griefing of any kind, will not be tolerated.
    4. Be in control of your language and Caps Lock key. We're a family-friendly server.
    5. With the respect of your neighbours, you may build anywhere you'd like, preferably at least 100-150 blocks from spawn.
    6. Keep the landscape tidy. [repair creeper holes, remove floating trees, no 1x1 towers, no pixel art etc.]
    7. No sky bases within 100 blocks of spawn.
    8. Please inform staff, either in-game or on our forums, if you are going to be inactive.
    9. Limit the amount of entities per farm to 30.
    10. Do not place portals for the purpose of going beyond the world border.
    11. Do not use plugins/in-game builds/game files/commands for the purpose of bypassing/exploiting server plugins.
Above all <3 Have Fun and Make Wise Choices!

Failure to follow rules will result in punishment at Staff's discretion.



ENGLuke [Owner]
Cylon669 [Owner]



ChestShop: Player Shops
CoreProtect: Anti-Griefing/Rollback Any action
Dynmap: Web-based Maps of Our Worlds
Essentials: Various Uses
LWC: Locks Containers/Signs
Multiverse: For Our Worlds
PermissionsEX: Permissions for Players/Staff
PlayerHeads: Trophy Rewards
SilkSpawners: Custom Spawners
SwearJar: Because We're Family Friendly
WorldBorder: Conserves memory
WorldGuard: Used to Specify Regions in Our Worlds
Instant Decay: Instantly destroys all leaf blocks when removing logs

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