Frequently Asked Questions
I'm new, how do I find an area to build at?
You can use /rtp. This will randomly teleport you somewhere in the map to help you leave spawn and find a new area.
This is a one time command, so use it wisely!
Where can I build?
Please go at least 1000 blocks away from spawn and be respectful of your neighbours. If there is someone who has already built nearby where you would like to, ask them if it’s OK to be their neighbor.
How do I protect my stuff?
We currently use the LWC plugin which auto locks your chests/furnaces/signs/hoppers etc.
You can manually lock/unlock items, type /lock or /unlock and left-click the item you’d like to lock or unlock respectively.
If you’d like to allow friends access to your items, use /cmodify [ign] and left-click the item you wish to share.
If you have a lot of chests to modify (sharing with friends etc), use /cpersist -> /lock or /unlock or  /cmodify [ign] -> left-click all the chests/doors/furnace you wish to modify -> /cpersist.
How do I get back to Spawn or my Home if I wander off?
Once you’ve found a place to settle, you can use /sethome to create a warp point to your home. You can set upto 6 homes around the server. You can also use /spawn to return to our spawn location. Each teleport has their own separate cooldown timer.
What happens if I think someone griefed or stole from me?
First, Stay Calm and don't blow your top. *Usually* these situations are accidents [on our server at least] and can be resolved fairly easily. Second, Notify a member of our Staff. It’s one of the reasons that we are here! We’ll take a look for you and try our best to resolve the situation. We have had rare times where an Enderman was the culprit :P
How do I contact a member of staff?
In game there are 2 ways to contact staff:
   - If in the event you are online and there are no staff members present you can use /mail send [ign] [message]. This will send a private in game message to the staff member to look at when they get online.
   - If you are online and there are staff members online you can use /helpop [message]. This will send a message to all available staff members who will then contact and assist you.
On the forums if you have any questions or would like to submit a player report you should mail TMH  here.
Player reports are for the purpose of alerting staff of any members you view breaking the rules. Include as many details in the report as you can (time, date, screenshots etc.)
Someone is bugging me in chat, what can I do?
There can be times when you are uncomfortable with a conversation or there is language used you do not agree with. If staff are online they will ensure family friendly language and conversations are maintained but, in the event of staff absence you can use, /ignore [ign] this will stop you being able to view what the player is typing in chat. (If there has been bad language or rude behaviour used, please contact a member of staff as soon as possible.)
Hey! I’m out of resources, can you give me some?
You can buy from player shops or see if other members are willing to trade items with you, but Staff will not be giving out resources to anyone.
Hey! I’m stuck out in the middle of nowhere, can you teleport me?
No. Moderators do not have the power to teleport players and Admins are only to do so in specific situations. This is not one of those. You can use one of your /homes or /spawn. If your cooldown timers are counting down, you will just have to wait patiently for one to become available or start walking. 
Can I use this mod?
You are permitted to use a mod if it doesn't change the gameplay or give you an unfair advantage on our worlds. Please see our Approved Mods Topic for allowed mods here. If it’s not on that list, it’s not allowed. Violators will be punished appropriately.
Does the server have Dynmap?
Yes we have Dynmap available for all our members. You can find the link on the forum homepage within the 'Member Quick Links' Box!
Can I donate to Cherry Vanilla?
There are 2 ways you can donate to the server;
   - The first is found on our homepage and is a group pay system for the forums upkeep. You can prepay or add free premium days to help maintain our forums.
   - You can visit our Donation Shop here. At our donation shop you can purchase ingame cosmetics, ie name colour change, no AFK kick timer, or you can just donate to help us with physical server maintenance!
All forms of donations are optional and further details can be found at the Donation Store page.
Can I vote for Cherry Vanilla?
Yes you can! We have 3 available sites to vote for the server and as a "Thank You" for promoting us, each vote will reward you with $100 of in-game money.
Can I have our world’s seed?
No. Not even members of staff have access to the world seed.
Does Cherry Vanilla run any events?
Yes, We run several monthly events. All of the details on each event can be found here.
I produce videos for YouTube and/or livestream to Twitch is it OK to produce content on the server?
Yes, we have several content creators on Cherry Vanilla! A list of our content creators and information can be found here.
We keep the YouTube box on the homepage and the YouTube page updated with our members' latest videos be sure to check them out!
I'm new to Minecraft any hints or tips?
Our members are all very friendly and helpful! Willing to share their experiences and help new players learn Minecraft. You can ask our staff or members in game or you can visit our Hints and Tips thread here.
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